I continue to learn how our house is wired.  Here’s where all the breaker switches are located:

IMG 6214

We started out with the original box.  Then when we added a generator, the other panel was added.  I have been adding energy monitoring hardware goo to wires in the newer panel.  For example, I live to tell about my installation of a Sense monitor.

IMG 6215

I bought and installed the Sense because I wanted to experience a consumer ready experience and the idea of the Sense figuring out what appliances were in my house intrigued me.  How good was it at doing this?  What I enjoyed most was how easy it was for me to start tracking our energy use.  I didn’t have to figgle around with config files, go through any complex setups – it just worked.  Now I figure I can DIY the hardware and software for my HappyDay Neighbors project.

When I started exploring what CTs to use, I noted:  I measured the wire gauge of the two wires where the Sense CTs are located.  They are  1/0 AWG.  This surprised me since most cable examples I had seen on the Internet used the wider 4/0 cable.

Hold on.  Wait a minute.  It became clear to me I didn’t understand our wiring.  In particular, where the heck is the mains breaker switch?  How is the electricity really flowing in from the transformer?  What Amps? 100A? 200A?..I dunno…

Bumbling back to the original breaker box, here are the innards:

IMG 6225

Hmmm….couple of things I am not sure about:

  • I expected to see a neutral wire in the center.
  • I expected to find a mains breaker.

But I didn’t.  Is this because of the installation of the generator and the newer panel?  Where is the mains breaker?  Why isn’t there a neutral wire?