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Time lapse snap shots of the Leaf Spa continue to be a work in progress (see a previous post).  I decided for my next exploration, I would add some type of wide angle to the iPhone 4s I’m using.  To explore this, I bought an inexpensive lens on eBay.  I’ll use the fisheye lens attachment.  Here is a short time lapse test at 2 fps:

ChallengesBringOpportunitesTada!  Not perfect.  But will work!

The New! Improved! Camera Mount

A challenge I have been having is coming up with a camera mount that:

  • Can be placed to get maximum image coverage of the Leaf Spa residents.
  • Doesn’t move around.  Previous efforts have ended up with the camera falling onto the shelf… 🙂
  • Can be adjusted / swiveled.
  • Doesn’t make it too difficult to remove the camera from the mount.  The O Snap! Software I am using on the iPhone 4s doesn’t directly upload photos or allow remote control of settings.

Challenge: Adjust/Swivel of Camera Mount

To address this challenge, I focused my attention on the iPhone mini-tripods.  I found one I had lying around which had this mount:


Two pieces of plastic held in place by a knob that grips on one end to a ball head and on the other end to legs.  The above image shows the piece I made with a 3D printer to hold the camera screw.  Here is a F360 rendering of the front of the mount:


Seeing the two pieces of plastic holding in the ball head gave me the idea to create a support that replaced the legs with something that could be mounted to the base of the LED shelf.  I came up with this design:


The holes are where the bolts coming through the LED shelf will go through.  It ended up being difficult for me to get the location of the bolts right on the model.  Next time:

Good better best This support did not need bolt holes since I ended up drilling holes through the plastic when I was drilling holes in the LED shelf.  Future print outs will need to adjust the holes to the LED shelf holes.

In an earlier attempt at the support, I made two pieces – the horizontal and vertical – then glued together.  Too much stress was on the junction point so I made the support one piece and added the fillet on the corner for additional strength.

Photo Op

Some images of the camera mount from inside the Leaf Spa:



Good better best The lens is on the right hand side.  Given the fisheye is a clip on, it is cumbersome/tricky to place the camera into the holder without moving the fisheye either off completely, or off the iPhone’s camera lens.


  • The cut out for the power cord is tight.  I edited the sketch within the F 360 model to increase the width.
  • Taking the camera out of the holder is a bit tricky because the mount is so close to the top of the shelf.  It is not that bad, since the mount can swivel.  However, if it does swivel, there should be a way to mark the optimum mount tilt.  Right now every time I remove the camera and put it back in, the view will be different not only because the fisheye could be moved as noted in the first “Good, Better, Best”, but the tilt will be different.
I am happy with this evolution of the camera mount.  It gives me something workable that I can test with.  As I noted, there are a few challenges.  However, this revision addresses major challenges I had in my previous efforts.  Now at least I can test time lapse!
Please find many things to smile about.  While you’re doing that, I will practice being kind.