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This post is a reflection  on the growth of the plants that are living their lives in The Leaf Spa.  

March 18th

I came home after five days. 

NewImage NewImage

Whoa – the top leaves of the basil are getting burnt by the LEDs.  And look – I can tell that is a Kale plant…ooh – the Stevia plants grew.  That’s a relief since I just finished reading blog posts on how hard it is to grow Stevia from seed.  YIPPEE!

A couple of observations:

  • The basil plants are too tall for the current LED shelf height.  Should I move the shelf up OR should I trim the basil plants down so the other plants aren’t penalized with less PAR?
  • Perhaps I’m seeing what I want to see, however, the plants closer to the fan appear more mature.  The quality of the Leaf Spa would improve if a second fan was placed on the other side of the Leaf Spa

Good better bestRight now the Leaf Spa has one CPU fan that benefits the plants on the right side of the Leaf Spa.  Putting a fan on the other side would benefit plants on the left side.  It would also be beneficial to release CO2 from both sides.

March 1st

To put plant growth progress into perspective, the image below shows what the plants were doing on March 1st:


I am happy with the plant growth that has occurred within the last 2 1/2 weeks.  However, there is A LOT of room for improvement.  The current results are promising.  I am eager to evolve the Leaf Spa experience into the ideal controlled environment for the plants as I learn more about (and implement) what works best.