Customer Check-In



 plant key:

genovese basil parsley sweet basil stevia stevia lettuce
genovese basil thyme sweet basil stevia stevia kale

The lettuce and kale are starting to show growth.  The rest seems to be growing well.  Although the leaves look a bit yellow which makes me think they need a stronger nutrient mix.  Pretty soon I’ll be moving them into their new Leaf Spa home.

Sensor Puck

Hmmm…seems I didn’t save the last layout I did in Kicad.  So I redid this and sent the SensorPuck Kicad layout to OSHPark.  It is so easy!  I don’t even have to generate Gerbers.  Just upload the GrowChamberSensorPuck.kicad_pcb file.  This link goes to the specific check-in of the Kicad files that were part of what I am calling the “A” build.  Hopefully I won’t need to go to “Z” before I get the board working….

I’m still waiting for the CCS811 from Digikey.  I got mail about a month ago the shipment should be 2/28…time to check on that.  DRAT…now it is sometime in May.  Hmm…I’ll just wait for now.  I guess all the chips are going into cell phones?

Moving In

ChallengesBringOpportunitesA YIPPEE MOMENT!  I moved the plants into their new home.  I

  • cut clone collars I got awhile back in half and put them around each of the plants.  My intent is to keep light off the rock wool.  The enemy of the Leaf Spa is the algae that grows within the nutrient bath – either within the Coleman reservoir or on or around the rock wool.  
  • put an air pump within the reservoir to increase the amount of oxygen in the bath.  Roots need to breath!
  • updated theLeafSpa.ino to handle #define DEBUG correctly 
  • set up the nutrient bath with Jack’s Hydro feed with an EC of 3mS/cm and pH of 6.1.
…and BOOYAH..moved the plants into their new home with the theLeafSpa.ino firmware doing it’s thing.  I’ll check the log file tomorrow to see how well the measurements and relays are working.

How Do They Look?

I want to enjoy the visual experience of growing plants.   I just recently decided to include a way to take time lapse photos of the plants growing within the Grow Chamber and upload them somewhere (TBD) to make a time lapse movie.  This way I can get a visual on growth as well as challenges shown by viewing the plants.  To do this, I will repurpose an older iPhone we have kicking around the house.  The app I will be using is OSnap!. Things I need to do:

  • Get the old iPhone charged up and running OSnap!.
  • Get an iPhone camera mount and figure out how to attach to the Grow Chamber.  I ordered this one.  I’ll see if it works.