Customer Check-In


 plant key:

genovese basil parsley sweet basil stevia stevia lettuce
genovese basil thyme sweet basil stevia stevia kale

I finally got around to replacing the lettuce and kale.  The two lower stevia plants don’t look very strong.  Hmmm…I’ll watch these two and plant two more.

Thanks To Those That Went Before

Vesta Stoudt – Your story on the invention of duck/duct tape is truly inspirational.  Thank you for your invention.  Thank you for showing us that each of us can make a major impact…we just need to find a challenge we care about and a way to think about what we can do.  YOU ARE INSPIRATIONAL.

When in Doubt, Duck Tape


Well the Grow Chamber has become my much loved yet ugly baby.  Now, replete with duck tape sealing the bottom.  This should stop the CO2 from leaking out when adjusting the CO2 level to ~ 1200ppm.

Next Up – the Reservoir Lid

All is working.  It is almost time for the Leaf Spa’s GRAND OPENING.  Before that, I need to put the lid on the reservoir.  I was overly exuberant drilling holes early on:


The original holes are not located in the right spots.  Also, I need to add a hole for the air pump tube and the water pump power cord.

Here is the new lid with reservoir in place:


Let the Testing Begin!

Interesting…as I added more logging, avrdude kindly pointed this out to me:

avrdude: verifying …
avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x7800
0xff != 0x1b
avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

avrdude done. Thank you.

I’m pretty sure what was happening was a depletion of SRAM (Adafruit has a great description of Arduino’s SRAM).  I didn’t spend much time fixing.  Rather, I removed some of the Strings I planned to write.  I also added this function:

int availableMemory() {

    int size = 1024; // Use 2048 with ATmega328

    byte *buf;


    while ((buf = (byte *) malloc(–size)) == NULL)





    return size;

to DebugLib. I needed to add #includesince the availableMemory() function uses Arduino types and constants.


So right now I’m in the middle of testing…more tomorrow.