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genovese basil thyme sweet basil stevia stevia kale

Pardon the red light. The Mars Hydro lighting dominated this part of my kitchen on this overcast day.  Plants are growing.  Some not as well as I hoped.  The basil is looking the best.  Got awhile before there are strong enough roots to transplant to the Grow Chamber.  I STILL haven’t replanted lettuce and kale.  I WILL DO THIS TODAY :-).

Fixing Leaks

WhyCat Another skill I do not have enough practice at is dealing with plumbing leaks.  How would a skilled plumber that comes highly recommended by their customers handle these leaks?

I designed the Base so the reservoir can be pumped out by switching the valve and turning the spigot on:

NewImage                             NewImage

My plan is to replace the nutrient bath once a week.  To do this, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to do so.

While emptying the reservoir, I observed leaks:

NewImage          NewImage

Here’s my knowledge evolution on stuff that puts two pieces of PVC together:

  • PVC cement (the purple stuff in the picture) as noted by the Natural Handyman: [PVC Cement] is designed to “weld” two mating pieces of PVC… for example a pipe and a coupling of some kind. It does not bridge gaps like an adhesive, but instead partially softens and dissolves the pipe, making for a permanent connection between the two parts. Once set… usually within a minute… the joint is beyond permanent!
    • I was using PVC cement both for “welding” of two pipes and also as a sealant.  As stated – PVC Cement is not a sealant.
  • PVC sealant.  I’ve tried several silicone varieties.  My latest favorite is this one.
Put PVC cement around end caps that I had not sealed because I wanted to be able to get inside the gutters.  This fixed the leaks shown on the right hand image.  Put sealant around both the end caps for good measure as well as the leak shown in the left hand image.  This fixed the leak.  I detected one small leak around an end cap where I’ll apply more sealant:
That’s it for leaks – at least for now :-).