I am probably overstepping sharing, but I can’t help thinking….what’s not to like about ukulele music?  I know, right?  There is a great album that I know is available on Amazon Prime music (and perhaps other streaming services): “Legends of the Ukulele” – Various artists.  True happiness with four strings and an folks with an incredible talent to play them!

I hope to finish printing out the enclosure today.


The enclosure finished printing:

NewImage      NewImage


There are several challenges:

  • The enclosure length is too tight. (UPDATED)
  • The printing didn’t do a great job making secure spacers as well as the layers are off – the printer settings need to be refined. (UPDATED – I decided to connect the spacer area together as a platform instead of four separate spacers:
NewImage        NewImage
  • The enclosure split where the bottom and top of the enclosure is defined is way too high.  It would be best to have the enclosure bottom split at about where the Arduino is screwed in.  This will allow the Arduino to be screwed in and then mount the Shields.
  • While workable, it would be best for the SD Card opening to have more vertical space. (UPDATED).
  • The support structures I set up within Simplify3D need to be checked.  The supports didn’t print out as I expected.
With the S3D settings I used, the print shifted.  This has happened before.:
I ended up changing printer settings to settings Russell had sent me awhile back.  There are a lot of knobs and twiddles to get right when setting the parameters on a 3D print!
Here the new bottom enclosure:
Here’s the new bottom enclosure with the Arduino screwed in:
The layers can be seen because I set the primary layer height to 3mm:
One oops – note the side where the power connectors come out.  In order to work with the positioning of the screws, I had to remove the inner lip.  Here’s what I ended up doing in the design:



I’m starting to print the top enclosure:


What is it about 3D printing that is so mesmerizing?  I could stand around for hours just watching it do it’s thing….

And now the suspense….will the top enclosure work???? Ah, these cliff hangers.