It is Sunday.  A day mostly spent with family…but I couldn’t resist bumbling about on my project…. 


At the risk of being accused of dawdling before I blow up our house, I have made a Google drawing of the AC side of the relay switch here:


My way of paying attention to detail.

ChallengesBringOpportunitesIT WORKED!

AND I live to tell it!  Thanks again to Circuit Basic’s well written blog post: “TURN ANY APPLIANCE INTO A SMART DEVICE WITH AN ARDUINO CONTROLLED POWER OUTLET”.

The light goes on and off:


OOHH – and look at the wire connectors:


I was going to say how professional they looked…but they don’t.  Seems I can’t wrap electrical tape tight (among other hobby like talents).

I’m starting to use power wire from old cords, like the wire coming out of the NO terminal: