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CO2 Test

I followed the directions in the user manager for the regulator I bought on Amazon.com:


I have no idea if this regulator is any good. Guess I’ll find out.




NewImage While the Grow Chamber will grow vertically as the plants grow up, currently the size is 30” x 14” x 8” = 2.5’ x 1.17’ x .67’ = volume of 1.9cu. ft….tiny compared to the table.

FrustratedWhen I plugged in the solenoid directly into the wall socket, the CO2 regulator released CO2.   When I connected the solenoid to the PowerSwitchTail II and ran AdjustCO2Test.ino, the PowerSwitchTail II seemed to turn on/off (light on the PowerTailSwitch came on and I could hear a CLICK) but the solenoid on the CO2 Regulator did not activate.  BUMMER!   I fooled around with this challenge for some time and still don’t know why it is not working. …The sun will come out tomorrow….


Exciting!  The pyboard V1.1 came in the mail from Adafruit.  


Let me take a moment to thank Adafruit for the joy I feel from the effort they take in treating my support challenges efficiently and effectively as well as all the tutorials, GItHubs, and videos I get to use.  I will continue to be your customer.

Using CoolTerm, I was quickly able to connect and use REPL to send commands.  I tried out a few of the UART ports with the CO2 sensor, but was not able to read.  It could be that the connections were weak.  I’m not going to spend time documenting the stuff I tried since the first thing I need to do is make sure the connections are working.  I’ll do this tomorrow.

Yes, just sticking with the Arduino IDE would be faster.  On the other hand, there’s something to be said for this MicroPython stuff….since I don’t feel a time pressure to ship anything, I am loving learning.


That’s it for today.