My husband had a good idea to lift up the Coleman such that I can glue the PVC pipe to the holes on the Coleman.  Then when I want to clean out the Coleman, I can remove the lift.  The lid stays where it is and the bottom part of the Coleman can be removed.

The first inclination I always have is we must have something around here that will work.  The challenge I have with this is it becomes unstable so you know what?  I’m going to 3D print something.

The build plate on my 3D printer is 7.9 x 9.5 x 7.9 in.  I need lifts that are 12.5” long so I’ll make each finished piece out of two separate components.


Well isn’t that special?  Epic fail.  While the string is obvious, it is the shift in about the middle that boggles my mind.  This has happened before and I am not sure why.  Time for me to ask support.  This is frustrating.  Luckily, my husband recommended we use the lid of a 5 gallon tub.  


That will work for now.

I’m still intrigued on an electronics project to explore the CCS811 chip.  I may end up designing my own board and buying the chips.  I note Digikey has a 12 week lead time for the chips.  There is also a way to expensive eval board.  However, the Digikey entry shows there is a zip file for APIs (see Reference/Examples)…hmmm…

And so it goes.