The plumbing pieces I glued to the Gutters yesterday have a small lip on the inside.  I’m concerned this lip will cause a buildup (algae, salts) at this area in the Gutter.  I’ll start the day by using my nifty Dremel to smooth out the lips.



The next thing is to mount the Gutters and put the outtake manifold together.


I’m excited to try out an update to the CCS811 break out board I got from Matthew Kerley on Tindie.  Matthew seems to be an impressive person.


He told me he is 17 years old.  There were some quality and documentation challenges.  However, Matthew is rising to the challenge of addressing these issues.  One issue was documentation on the pin out of the Breakout Board.  Matthew sent me the image above.

I found I could download the data sheet for the CCS811 here.

I used AKstudio’s Arduino script and library from this GitHub location.

….and DRAT…the CO2 reading was 8194.  Well…this isn’t right.  Maybe this is an error code.  For now, I’ll go back to the Grove CO2 sensor (which is actually a Winsen MH-Z16).

I sent Matthew a message on Tindie.  I’ll take this as a parallel track to building the Leaf Spa.


That’s it for today.