The CO2 hole on the 3d Printed part is too small.  I took the outer diameter of the tube with a caliper.  I should have added 4mm “wiggle room.”  I have updated the Fusion 360 design.  I found a round file that I’m using to make the hole bigger.



I was thinking of using heat-set threading so the bolts had a nice threaded hole made of metal.  However, it looks like I can get by with just the plastic.  One challenge are the holes to hold the fan.  These are a little big.  I decided not to hold the fan in place with screws.  Rather I will glue the fan to the plastic.

I want to make sure I get the direction of the fan right and make sure it works.  To get the wiring right, I used this post on 3 pin fan connector as a reference.

Pin Name Color
1 GND black
2 +12VDC or +5VDC red
3 Tachometric Signal yellow

It’s what I assumed (red = power, black = GND, yellow = PWM)…but I’ve been “wrong” countless times before.  The fan work.  I mounted the fan and was able to fit in the CO2 tube.  I glued the fan to the holder.


The screw at the top is a placeholder for mounting to the LED shelf.  I have a piece of brown paper the size of the mount area to make it easy to mark where holes need to be drilled on the LED shelf.

The Outtake Manifold

I’m starting to put together the outtake manifold – which is part of the Base.

Pasted Image 1 7 17 12 11 PM

There are two valves.  One allows the nutrients to be drained into the Coleman.  When this valve is off and the other valve is on, the nutrient bath drains into another container for disposal.

The first thing I did was to use PVC cement to glue the plumbing pieces to the Gutters.  


 …and that’s it for today.