I’m adding a fan and CO2 tube to the LED shelf.  

NewImageA couple of the sessions of the  Greenhouse Plant Physiology & Technology course I took pointed out the increase in the photosynthetic rate when:

  • The CO2 level is raised to ~ 1200 ppm
  • The air movement is at ~ 0.5ms-1and the movement is vertical from the plant canopy.

The Grow Chamber is about maximizing photosynthesis.  This means evolving the CO2 level and air movement.

Fan and CO2 Tube Holder

I’m modeling the fan and CO2 tube holder in Fusion 360 and building the part on my 3D printer.  I got the fan off a CPU fan I’ve had for awhile:


Here’s the dimensions:


I’ve gotten in a practice of switching between inches and mm depending on the measurement.  This is ok, because it is easy to switch measurement units in Fusion 360.

The fan’s height is .95”.

Lucky for me I found an STL file that had a fan modeled to the dimensions of the fan I had.


I can’t readily find the link to where I got the fan model.  I’m pretty sure it was GrabCAD.

Finished the design and printed.


3D printing is frustrating.  After about an hour and half, the filament was tangled in the spool causing it to flip off it’s holder and yank the extruding nozzle off it’s path just enough to cause me to stop the print and restart.  THEN, although I TRY AND TRY to get a perfect first layer – sigh…there are gaps.  This area of technology reminds me of when the PCs first came out and I found myself learning assembly language with stuff “kinda sorta working.”  Except now, the marketing hype on this stuff is through the roof.  Ah, of course.  It could be me.

Here are images of the finished print:

NewImage    NewImage

The two holes on the top are to mount the holder onto the LED shelf.  The two lower holes are to mount the fan.  The hole in the middle is for the CO2 tube.  I tried accurately measuring however it has been my experience something will not be measured quite right.  I’ll find out soon.


That’s it as far as this project goes today.