I’m picking up where I left off on the LED shelf.  Before I begin, here is a Fusion 360 rendering of the Grow Chamber:

NewImageThe Grow Chamber is basically a shelving unit on top of the Base.  The LED shelf is 9” from the base.  I have yet to put this in, but there will also be a fan and CO2 tube.  I’ll get to that.

We drilled holes in the side of the posts so the LED shelf can be moved up in 5” increments. 


 This is my way of dealing with the inverse square law for light.  Get the light closer to the plant canopy.  

 For now the focus is on testing the Vero 18 LEDs.  Is there enough PAR?

WhyCat WHY and HOW?

Given the current state of data sheets from LED manufacturers, I cannot find a way to model the amount of PAR that will strike an area of the Base.  So I guess three Vero 18’s will do the trick.  Certainly, part of the challenge is the lack of my knowledge.  The other is the data sheets do not give me the information I need.  That’s something I wish to get better at – modeling expected PAR given a specific LED.

PAR Readings Test

As a test, I wired it the LEDs up and mounted on the Grow Chamber shelf structure.  This image shows the PAR readings:

NewImage        NewImage

I am cautiously optimistic on the lighting.  I was shooting for >= 150 µmol/s.  The readings range from 288 – 737µmol/s.  One challenge is the unevenness of the readings.  I was thinking of getting lenses for the COBs.  But for now, my assumption is it is ok if uneven, as long as all spots are getting enough light. 

Well, that’s it for today.  There’s still stuff to do with the LED shelf.  For example, I haven’t