Like yesterday, today’s focus is on the base part.

The first thing I’ll do is record the measurements on the PVC pipe used to hold the net pot on the top shelf and connect with the Gutters.

Pasted Image 1 2 17 8 42 AM

So the water can drain into the outtake manifolds, the Gutters slope downward.  This means in order for the net pots to be even on the top shelf, the PVC pipe must be glued onto the Gutters at different distances.  The pencil markings were made by putting each PVC in one of the top shelf holes and fitting it into the Gutter – the fit that would be there once the PVC pipe is glued onto the Gutter.

Measuring PVC Pipe for Net Pots

Using a caliper, I measured:

 Pasted Image 1 2 17 8 39 AM

Each PVC will hold a net pot with a rock wool cube inside.  The irrigation tube will be fed through the hole on the side of the PVC pipe.


The irrigation tube hole is 3/4” down from the top and at an angle so the end of the tube is placed near the hole in the rock wool.  I then marked and numbered the other PVC pipes with a pencil at the distances noted above.


Gluing PVC Pipes to Gutters

I have not glued two pieces of PVC together before.  I got PVC glue from and loosely followed the directions given in this youtube video.

NewImage                                 NewImage

A bit messy on my part.  I got purple primer because it seemed all the cool plumbers were using it.  However, I could have gone for clear primer.  I dribbled the purple primer in places I shouldn’t.  I lined up the irrigation holes so they should be pointing into the Base.  I’m going to give it some time to cure.  I’ll just do one for now and see how it goes.  Once I have a better idea I’m on the right track, I’ll do the other two gutters.

Laying Down the Irrigation Tube

I had a brilliant (well, not really, but brilliant is a word that is great for the ego) idea to tie the irrigation tube that runs to the net pots with zip ties.  To do this, we drilled angled holes through the Gutter PVC.


And that’s it for today.  I’m expecting to get the heat sink in for the Grow Chamber’s LED lighting tomorrow.  I probably will focus at first on the intake manifold and getting the other Gutters ready.