I’ve been tracking the progress of the basil I am growing using my first LED setup in this post.  The post started to load slowly so I decided to make a post for every update.

October 25, 2016

Prior to last Thursday (October 20), I had been using basil twice a day from these plants.  From Thursday through Monday (October 24), we had been visiting family.  I missed smelling and tasting the basil.  Here is an image of the plants taken today:

10 25 2016 Basil

and an image of the roots:

10 25 2016 BasilRoots

There is definitely growth.  The plants are starting to get a bit too close to the LED.  I’m raising the lamp up a bit to add distance from the LED to the upper leaves.  Most of the plants have longer leaves than what I am used to seeing from the basils I grow outdoors (same variety).  One of the plants shows narrower, elongated leaves that curl a bit.  I’m wondering if the curling is due to some type of deficiency.  I’m just noting this observation for now.  The roots look a bit longer.  

I’ll be changing the nutrients tomorrow.