Tommy (the tomato plant) is growing quite nicely.

IMG 3475

Tommy in our Kitchen

IMG 3477

Yippee!  Starting to Flower

I’ve decided the LED light I am using from – the Lumia 5.1 – will work for tomatoes.  


This light has 5 channels, each needing a constant current of 700mA.  It also gets really hot, so it needed a heat sink.  I ended up mounting the light on a CPU heat sink


The CPU fan/heat sink works extremely well at a price around $25.

I used 5 MeanWell LDD-700H constant current drivers (data sheet)


hooking each channel of the LED to one of the LDD-700H drivers that I mounted onto a breadboard.  Wiring it all up and putting a reflector around it got me this FrankenLED:


Bwa-ha-ha …but it works…

The LED is plugged into a power supply I got from LEDGroupBuypower supply

so that’s Tommy.  On my next post I will be building a PCB for a light fixture to hold three of the Lumia 5.1s to expand the number of tomato plants I will grow in my kitchen.