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 Ladybug Shield Works – Open Source Available

Totally a YIPPEE! moment.  All circuits on the Ladybug Shield are working.  pH and EC values get reasonable measurements.  Pumping works.  WooHoo…

IMG 3409

Just back from OSH Park

IMG 3417

Check out the Awesome soldering Job Thanks to the Zallus Reflow Oven Controller

IMG 3415

Ooh—OOH – IT WORKS!—time to work on enclosures…

Open Source

Arduino and Kicad files are located at this GitHub location.

Thanks to Those That Went Before

I would not have the skills to do this without the teachings and mentoring of Chris Gammell and his Contextual Electronics courses.  There was A LOT to learn (still is of course).  Chris and his courses greatly accelerated the process.

Regarding skill, thanks to Ryan (SparkysWidgets) for open sourcing the minipH and miniEC.  The EC and pH designs of the Ladybug Shield evolved from Ryan’s work.  Besides that, Ryan has been super helpful.

A terrific company that has provided an invaluable service and EXCELLENT support – OSH Park.

A very useful reflow oven controller from Zallus.  Works GREAT!  My soldering skills skyrocketed with this addition.




Wow.  I think that’s a wrap for the Ladybug Shield….I’ve started using them….a total YIPPEE! moment.