I recently transplanted some Zucchini seedlings to one of the cold frames in our backyard.  It looks like the newer leaves are more yellow than they should be…or at least what I think they should be…

IMG 3404

I’m thinking there is either a difficiency in Nitrogen or Sulfur.  Since I am not sure which, I decided to fertilize with 2.3mS of magnesium sulfate.

IMG 3408

This should let me know if the yellow coloring is due to a lack of sulfur….hmmm…or magnesium.  

I have a ways to go before I can look at a plant and diagnose the deficiency…until then I will try then try again.

But…someone on reddit noted:

Liquid fertilizers burn new roots and young plants. They’re basically chemicals that “burn” until they settle in the dirt to be extracted by roots. Too much of it is a bad thing. I highly recommend earthworm casings.

 This is great stuff!  So much to learn.  In a fun way.  From observing and adjusting.  …and eating!