My “audacious goal” is to eat a cherry tomato at any time by picking one from a plant growing in my house.  I wish for this plant – and others growing herbs, vegetables, and fruits – to have a natural fit within the lifestyle of our home.  There are plenty of efforts to draw inspiration from.  Check out this one:


Come to think of it, when I was younger we called the TV room the living room.  What if we could reach under our table and pick a carrot?  I for one don’t want to deal with the time, smell, and mess of gardening.  As always – my eyes and brain turn towards the delightful dance between health, art, science, and technology to ultimately build and enjoy the fruits (and veggies!) of this journey.

I will feel relief knowing where this part of our food chain comes from.  I will feel the happiness that being around healthy plants bring.  I hope to feel the amazement and excitement that comes with building new functional and fruitful (let’s not forget the veggies!) implementations – whether that be a wall full of salad or a table top bouquet of the wonderful smell of herbs.

Planning to make spaghetti sauce?  Why go to the grocery store to get canned tomatoes and dried herbs?  Ah – I can almost taste it.

Now that Kodak is gone, I am using this blog as a way to “capture the moment” in my trek to grow the most flavorful fruits and vegetables.  Speaking of growing vegetables and fruits for my family, if you are at all interested in the fruits and veggies we eat that we buy in the grocery store – I highly recommend the book Tomatoland.  Not only informative, but written in a wonderful weaving of stories about the history of the tomato and the current state of the industry.

My goals are to share what I have learned and learn from others who are far more knowledgable in this area than I am.  Perhaps you are new to all this as I am.  I hope there is useful info.  There is a large possibility you know a lot more about a subject I cover than I do.  I hope you share this knowledge by writing a comment.  I’d appreciate if If you could get specific on what I could do better.  I worked for a very large software company for many years within the development teams.  Often feedback such as “this sucks” blew by.  It was impossible for me to know what really sucked.  Because almost always something did.  You are super smart.  Please help me learn and get better at building this stuff by leaving comments I can act upon.   the past 30 years in technology and hobbies is the passionate sharing of learning.  The realization that individual value comes after the learning into the execution.  .  Shared learning is something we should all build upon.  It is  the execution is uniquely an individual’s

OK.  Enough with the audacious amount of pontification.  Time to roll up the sleeves (ugh – arms don’t get prettier as we age!)